~ A Bold Way of Expressing Yourself ~
~ A Bold Way of Expressing Yourself ~
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Let's get cracking!

In a time when we are bombarded with the world telling us how to be and who they think we are, it is time for us to take control of our own stories and sense of self.

Cracked Open Tees is the source of self-empowerment and being you through wearable tees.

If you’ve ever wondered: How can I express myself to the world? How can I control the dialogue of me?

It begins with two little words: i. am.

i. am. empowered
i. am. change
i. am. hope
i. am. inspired
i. am. whatever I want to be
When you proclaim your self-power, there is no stopping the evolution – while looking good, expressing yourself, and cracking anything that hides your true self wide open.

But wait there's more...

Cracked Open is here to poke and prod your thoughts, move you to action, and embrace your sense of self, community, and the ridiculous. Look around, we may have what you're looking for.